Bürobegrünung: Raumbegrünung für ein gesundes Raumklima

Office greening: green spaces for a healthy indoor climate

Office greening is important. Nowadays it is common for most people to spend their working hours indoors and especially in offices. These are equipped with everything needed for working, but often offer too little in terms of well-being and indoor climate.

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Dry, stuffy air, a monotonous, greyish colour scheme and associated concentration problems: fatigue, dry eyes and mucous membranes, or even dizziness. Thanks to new biological and occupational psychological findings, however, all of these can now be counteracted. In addition to lighting concepts, the greening of offices can make an important, not to be underestimated, contribution to this. After all, health and well-being are influenced not only by light, noise pollution or odours, but also by the room climate, the colour scheme and the concentration of pollutants in the air. These last three aspects can be improved in a comparatively simple way with the help of office greenery.

Office greenery meets various requirements

Office greening is more diverse than is often assumed. It does not necessarily have to consist of easy-care potted plants that need constant watering and are not necessarily particularly aesthetic. Because under designations such as intelligent office planting, Climate Office or Office 4.0, office planting is adapted in different designs and arrangements and with different care requirements to the demands of the respective environment. Indoor plants, exotic plants, hydroponic plants and textile plants are often used as potted plants. However, plant pictures and even entire plant walls are also available and add variety to the overall picture of office greenery. All these varieties are well suited for the visual enhancement of offices, while hydroponics in particular are ideal for a better indoor climate. As the name suggests, these do not grow in soil, but exclusively in water. This makes them very hygienic, as they hardly harbor any pests or microorganisms, which in the case of potted plants are mainly found in the soil. For this reason it is even mandatory in hospitals to use hydroponics for greening. Hydroponics are also well suited for offices, as they allow longer watering intervals. This makes them easy to care for even for busy people.

So there are many different possibilities, Office greening whereby these are selected according to the desired effect and possible maintenance requirements. But how exactly can a green office have a positive effect?

In office environments where there is direct customer contact or at least contact with other companies or business partners, the most obvious advantage of an office decorated with plants is the positive external effect. Green plants set natural accents in an otherwise neutral-coloured office, which loosen up the overall picture and immediately create a relaxing, pleasant atmosphere in a subtle way.

Office greening - green for well-being

Of course, this is also a question of personal taste, but the atmosphere in rooms with green office space can instinctively be perceived more positively.

Apart from customers, patients or other visitors, the aesthetic improvement of the room also has a special effect on the employees. As they spend much more time in their greened offices or rooms every day than potential visitors, employees are the ones who can benefit the most from the advantages of office greening in the long term.

In addition to the actual health and room climate improvements, dust reduction, noise reduction and the reduction of pollutants with an average Office greening the majority of the resulting improvements are in the area of mental well-being, including well-being, employee motivation and satisfaction. One reason for this is that people have a proven need for green. Whether this is in our genes, because our ancestors lived in the wilderness among countless plants, and whether green naturally feels like home to us, no one can say for sure. What is certain, however, is that many people feel comfortable, relaxed and free in the forest and we somehow feel decelerated when we have greenery around us.

This is also the case in the office - of course in an orderly fashion and not to be compared with a forest, but the effect is similar: people who work in a greened working environment show an increased sense of well-being and feel less stressed. They perceive their environment as more pleasant and lively and can concentrate better or even pursue creative tasks. Especially people who spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen at work feel more energetic due to more green at the workplace and find their working hours more pleasant than in an office with neutral colours and without plants.

This is also helped by the indoor climate improved by the plants. On the one hand, greenery in rooms ensures better air humidity. Due to air conditioning systems, dry heating air or poor ventilation systems, the humidity indoors hardly ever reaches the optimum value of 40 to 55 percent, which can lead to health problems if you stay for a long time or regularly. Together with the reduced CO2 or improved oxygen content of the air Office greening This leads to less fatigue, less dryness in the throat, less coughing and less dry or irritated skin in employees. Dry or tired eyes are also avoided by increased humidity and viral infections are prevented. In addition, the increased air humidity provides better protection against fine dust, which in this state is less harmful to the lungs.

The office greenery thus acts indirectly as a dust and pollutant filter. Due to the resulting healthier room climate, people feel much more comfortable in green spaces and can work more creatively and productively. In offices, employee satisfaction and also physical well-being increase. In the long term, green offices have the potential to reduce the number of sick days in companies.

Because Office greening ensures less fatigue and a reduced occurrence of dry mucous membranes and eyes and can prevent viral infections, and also ensures better health and increased well-being in the long term, it is advocated by health insurance companies, the employers' liability insurance association and the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

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