your algae picture for home

Alwe Dry

A unique image from preserved microalgae


Alwe-Dry consists of 100% natural microalgae, which grow on the canvas and are then preserved. 


Each image is created by the individual growth process of the algae. Thus, each image is a work of art created by nature itself. 

Color change

Microalgae, when dry, have the property of turning their natural green coloration into a bright blue. 


An eye-catcher, whether at home or in the office. 

Alwe-Dry is a 50x50cm preserved and dried biofilm made from microalgae. The biofilm itself is in a plain frame and can therefore be hung anywhere. Each biofilm is unique which gives the image liveliness to the room.

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Blue coloration

 Like many other plants that perform photosynthesis, microalgae also possess chlorophyll. This pigment gives them their natural green hue.

In the dry state, however, the algae can additionally take on a blue coloration. Intensity and color depends on the external influences, such as light or heat. 

Kein Titel (301 × 214 mm) (700 × 214 mm) - 1


Your very own Alwe-Dry.  Sonderformen und Größen bis zu 180x80cm und individuelle Rahmen sind möglich.  NFeel free to contact us for this and give your wall a unique look.


Alwe-Dry enthusiastic. 

Jo Kreis