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In our blog you can inform yourself about the topics sustainable air purification and ecodesign. You will get helpful information for a healthy life and work. Enjoy reading!
  • Wasserstoff - grüner Energieträger
    Heizungen, Autos, Raketen – all diese Dinge brauchen Energie, und bei allen kann dazu als nachhaltiger Energieträger Wasserstoff Verwendung finden. Die Forschung um erneuerbare Energien ist aktuell und allgegenwärtig, doch was genau sind die Vorteile von Wasserstoff und wie kann er genutzt werden? Wasserstoff (chemisches Symbol: H) wurde 1766 vom
  • Bürobegrünung Raumbegrünung
    Office greening is important. Nowadays it is common for most people to spend their working hours indoors and especially in offices. These are equipped with everything needed for working, but often offer too little in terms of well-being and indoor climate. Alwe - The algae picture Dry, stuffy air, a......
  • Alwe
    Aerosols are tiny particles suspended in the air that are smaller than five micrometers. This results in their ability to be transported with gases for longer periods of time. Aerosols settle in the upper part of the airways, for example when breathing out, coughing, speaking or singing, on the vocal folds in the larynx. On them....
  • Aerosole
    Coronavirus patients in areas with high levels of air pollution before the pandemic are more likely to die from the infection than patients in cleaner parts of the country. This is the finding of a new nationwide study that shows the first clear link between long-term exposure to air pollution and the covid-19 death rate. More Translated with (free version)
  • Air pollution is a serious threat to human health. Particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, soot and ozone increase health risks such as lung or cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer or neurological disorders. The life expectancy of those affected is falling. Unlike wastewater or waste, we are unable to notice the increasing air pollution. This makes it one of the most
  • Homeoffice mit Solaga
    Due to the corona virus, many employees remain in the home office. Anyone who wants to work there in a healthy and productive way is faced with new challenges. The separation between private and professional life disappears all too easily in the home office. This is not helpful for productivity, but also for psychology. Here, guidebooks recommend clear boundaries to
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