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In our blog you can inform yourself about the topics sustainable air purification and ecodesign. You will get helpful information for a healthy life and work. Enjoy reading!
  • Alwe
    Aerosole sind winzige, in der Luft schwebende Partikel, die kleiner als fünf Mikrometer sind. Daraus resultiert ihre Eigenschaft längere Zeit mit Gasen transportiert werden zu können. Aerosole setzen sich im oberen Bereich der Atemwege zum Beispiel beim Ausatmen, Husten, Sprechen oder Singen an den Stimmlippen im Kehlkopf fest. An ihnen
  • Aerosole
    Coronavirus patients in areas with high levels of air pollution before the pandemic are more likely to die from the infection than patients in cleaner parts of the country. This is the finding of a new nationwide study that shows the first clear link between long-term exposure to air pollution and the covid-19 death rate. More Translated with (free version)
  • Air pollution is a serious threat to human health. Particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, soot and ozone increase health risks such as lung or cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer or neurological disorders. The life expectancy of those affected is falling. Unlike wastewater or waste, we are unable to notice the increasing air pollution. This makes it one of the most
  • Homeoffice mit Solaga
    Due to the corona virus, many employees remain in the home office. Anyone who wants to work there in a healthy and productive way is faced with new challenges. The separation between private and professional life disappears all too easily in the home office. This is not helpful for productivity, but also for psychology. Here, guidebooks recommend clear boundaries to
  • A mucous membrane is located on the walls of all hollow organs as well as on the genitals, the nose and the mouth. Mucous membranes either produce secretions themselves or have glands nearby which guarantee moisture. They are also important for immune defence. Mucous membranes protect our body from pathogenic pollutants, transport various
  • What can algae do that other plants cannot? Algae, especially microalgae and cyanobacteria, have certain pigments that enable them to carry out photosynthesis even under difficult lighting conditions. For example, under stones and also in offices. Many other plants cannot do this. We have also found that microalgae and in particular
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