Green Design: Alwe50 - The algae picture

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    Green Design: Alwe50 - The algae picture

    499,00  486,00 

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    Alwe is a living algae picture, an air purifier that uses the biological superpowers of microalgae in order to turn grey areas into green lungs.

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    No electricity costs: The algae get by with natural resources (water and sunlight).

    Alwe50 is a living, square algae picture, which was designed to be hung on the wall. However, Alwe is more than just a simple picture, as it combines functionality with an attractive design: our innovative micro-algae biofilm in a modern frame does not only contribute to a natural atmosphere in your living room or office space, but is also able to effectively to filter air pollutants out of the room air. Im Gegensatz zu herkömmlichen Büropflanzen ermöglicht unser Algenbild durch den integrierten Algenbiofilm eine hocheffiziente Fotosynthese – graue Flächen werden somit in grüne Lungen verwandelt.

    The indoor climate improved by Alwe and clean, fresh air enable long-lasting concentration by ensuring the optimal work of your brain. They are therefore indispensable for a pleasant, good workflow.

    With the help of our advanced microalgae film technology you can provide a better quality of work and life in your interiors. This is because Alwe50 gives you the opportunity to design walls in a naturalistic and aesthetic way, which creates a more pleasant room atmosphere. At the same time a better and healthier indoor climate is achieved.


    - easy to maintain, as the water tank only needs to be refilled every 2 weeks
    - sustainable and environmentally friendly

    By purchasing our air purifier Alwe50 you also actively support the research of microalgae for the reduction of air pollutants and the production of environmentally friendly energy sources.

    Contents of delivery

    • Alwe50 (biofilm in modern frame housing)
    • Instructions
    • Culture medium with pipette
    • Wasserspritzflasch


    Die Lieferung Ihres Alwe kann bis 30 Tage dauern. Die Versandkosten innerhalb Deutschlands betragen  5,99 € per DHL. Wir bitten um Ihr Verständnis, da die Kultivierung von hochqualitativen Mikroalgenbiofilmen ihre Zeit benötigt.

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