Grünes Design als Luftreiniger: Alwe50 – Das Algenbild


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Alwe is a living algae picture, an air purifier that uses the biological superpowers of microalgae in order to turn grey areas into green lungs.

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Alwe - The algae picture

Alwe is a sustainable wall decoration. On the mounting rail Alwe - like a picture - can be easily hung. Space-saving and easy to clean, the algae picture brings life to your wall.

The heart of Alwe consists of a living microalgae biofilm, which acts as an air purifier, actively absorbing air pollutants while producing oxygen - a green eye-catcher for your interior.

Inhalt der Lieferung (Alwe)

  • Alwe
  • Instructions
  • Culture medium with pipette
  • Water bottle


Other research

By purchasing our Alwe50 air purifier, you are also actively supporting research into microalgae to reduce air pollutants and the production of environmentally friendly energy sources.


The delivery of your Alwe can take up to 30 days. The shipping costs within Germany are 5,99 € via DHL. We ask for your understanding, because the cultivation of microalgae biofilms needs its time.

If you have questions concerning our product, feel free to use our contact form. But please have a look at our FAQfirst. Maybe your questions have been answered there already.


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Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 5 cm