Living Walls

Grey walls. Greener.

Improves the air

No electricity required

Easy to clean

At Solaga we develop living algae images for improved indoor air.

Alwe is a living algae image, an air purifier that uses the biological superpowers of microalgae to transform grey areas into green lungs. into green lungs.


liters of air a person breathes every day


percent of our time is spent indoors

We have an air problem.

Humanity is growing, the cities are getting denser and our breathing air is getting worse.

Air pollutants affect us every day. As an invisible problem, we usually only recognize it when it is too late.


The WHO estimates that 91% of the world's population live in areas where guidelines for air pollution are exceeded. 

These border crossings cause the deaths of 4.2 million people each year.

Functional interior design with ALWE

For your living and office spaces

Alwe, our natural square garden for indoor walls is able to effectively filter air pollutants and contributes to a natural atmosphere in indoor spaces. 

There are many advantages of our algae wall decoration in contrast to conventional plants and pictures in the living room as well as in the office.

Our algae image is an air purifier, air humidifier and provides a modern enhancement to indoor spaces. Our microalgae biofilm produces an oxygen-producing photosynthesis with minimal space requirements. Our algae creates a pleasant room climate and binds the air pollutants of indoor spaces much more effectively than plants. In addition to this, Alwe50 is not just simply a green picture, it becomes an eye catcher with its minimalist modern design and being of living, breathing materials completes your living and office spaces.

Alwe Classic at german TV show "ZIBB"!

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