The algae picture:
der biologische Luftreiniger

Biological air purifier and green design

Biodegrading air pollutants with living wall elements

Biologischer Luftreiniger​

Natural algae filter pollutants from the air and release oxygen.

Passender Rahmen & leichte Pflege

The suitably designed frame of the algae image promotes air circulation and provides optimal watering through a water tank at the back.

Healthy air

Algae absorb all substances from the environment and remove not only CO² but also nitrogen oxides, fine dust and other gases. This makes the algae superior to plants and mosses.

Reinigungsleistung:  25 m²

Your Alwe delivery at a glance

Home delivery, 6 months warranty, easy replacement

Home delivery

After ordering in the webshop, the algae picture is conveniently delivered to their home. In addition, you will receive simple instructions, a suitable water bottle and fertilizer.


Algen sind einem natürlichen Zyklus unterworfen und werden mit der Zeit etwas heller. Um eine optimale Filterleistung zu erhalten, empfehlen wir den Algenbiofilm jeden vierten Monat auszutauschen.

Easy exchange

Auf Anfrage senden wir Ihnen einen neuen natürlichen Biofilm, den Sie mittels eines Schiebesystems einfach gegen den alten Biofilm austauschen können, zu. Eine ausführliche Anleitung liegt dieser Lieferung ebenfalls bei. Außerhalb der Garantie kostet ein neuer Biofilm 59 Euro.

Air purification with algae: The algae picture from Solaga

Alwe Algenbild

Algae in the picture - Biological air purifier

Everyone is familiar with the situation when, after some time of concentrated activity, it suddenly becomes apparent that the air quality of a room has decreased significantly.

It is obviously clear that this did not change abruptly, but continuously. To prevent this effect we have Alwe invented. We make the metabolic activity of the Algea which are stimulated more intensively with a greater load. fresh air to create. Alwe begins to breathe as soon as they do.

Oxygen concentrations below 19.5% not only lead to lack of concentration, headaches and discomfort, they are also dangerous for the body and its organs. Increased immune reactions and decreasing performance occur. The fact that the body is then unable to recover properly leads to a downward spiral of exhaustion. Furthermore, there are quite a few pathogens and pollutants in the air, which bring individual threats. So, our home is exposed to daily stresses that are not always visible to the naked eye. These include threats from particulate matter, volatile gases, bacteria.

Alwe is a living Image

Your algae picture is simply attached to the wall. At the back is a water tank that supplies the algae with moisture.

Through the frame can
Air enters

The algae inside the algae housing breathe through photosynthesis. This supports the air circulation through the algae.

Algae bind and decompose
air pollutants

At the surface between air and algae, air pollutants are bound and metabolized by the algae. The result is of course better air.

Poor indoor climate is improved by algae

Alwe is the best answer to all these influences, because Alwe harnesses the survivability of living organisms to create clean air naturally:

Alwe is an eco-efficient wall decoration. The algae pattern brings life to the wall - space-saving and easy to clean. At the heart of Alwe is a living microalgae biofilm that actively binds and renders harmless air pollutants as an air purifier. Ventilation openings on the left and right sides integrate Alwe into the room's natural air circulation. Air pollutants are trapped on the moist surface of the microalgae biofilm. The trapped pollutants are then deactivated and consumed by the immobilized microalgae.


First place 

BIO Founders Competition

Approximately 100 guests from science, business and politics selected from new innovations.


German Sustainability Award

Our Alwe was nominated for the "German Sustainability Award Design 2021".

Award winner

Germany Land of Ideas

The project "Solar Gas Plant Solaga" is one of the 100 innovative winners of the competition.

Entwicklungen für die Zukunft
Urban air purification, green facades, green energy

urbaner Algenfilter

In der Entwicklung

Urban air purification

Algae, unlike plants, do not need a specific substrate - no "soil". In the urban algae filter, algae arranged in multiple stages remove pollutants from roads and industrial plants.


In der Entwicklung

Green facades

The research is focused on the development of new facade elements and builds on the vertical use of algae. At the end of the project, the first facade elements for houses and cities that are greened with algae will be manufactured.

Algencontainer solare Biogaspoduktion

In der Entwicklung

Green energy

Algae not only absorb pollutants, but also produce valuable materials in the process. Solaga deals with the entry into a circular economy and researches the production and use for the bioeconomy and green energy sources: hydrogen and biogas.


It has been known for some time that greenery is good for the air indoors. Instead of monstera and rubber trees, the Berlin-based start-up Solaga relies on microalgae, such as those found under stones, whose photosynthesis is more efficient than that of plants. 

With dire climate change reports landing one after another in 2018 the need for sustainable, scalable, and affordable biofuels to aid in this transition to a more sustainable future has never been greater.