Grüne Welt

Das Algenbild
Algen Biofilm

Alwe - The algae picture

Living algae pictures provide naturally better air indoors. With the green superpowers of microalgae Alwe™ takes harmful air pollutants, such as CO2Nitrogen oxides (NOx)Particulate matter and Chemicals (VOCs) and deactivates these.

Microalgae are much better suited for indoor use because they can use light much more more efficient compared to plants as they are better adapted to low light conditions and Oxygen .

With Alwe™ Function meets Design. The natural air cleansing know from plants or algae are combined with space-efficient design. eines Bildes.


Grüne Welt

Grüne Welt mit Alwe - Das Algenbild: Weniger Energieverbrauch Zuhause und dabei nachhaltig wohnen. Alwe ist jetzt online bestellbar. Ein spannendes Angebot um günstiger, besser und natürlicher zu leben.

Alwe - The algae picture

This is how Alwe works


Algae picture is simply attached to the wall. At the back is a tank that supplies the algae with water. Through the front window shines enough light inside.


Through the special frame air can enter - and exit. Low light, air and water are enough for these natural organisms - no electricity is necessary.


At the surface between air and algae, air pollutants are bound, metabolized by the algae and oxygen is released. The result is of course better air.


With the superpowers of our Algea we want to make Alwe a part of everyday life and allow everyone to benefit from its amazing natural properties. We strongly believe that they will help us improve our living conditions by reducing the amount of pollutants in our homes.

Algea have developed special systems that enable these microorganisms to purify the air even under difficult lighting conditions, as is typical for indoor and office lighting. But detecting air pollutants isn't everything: microalgae are photosynthetic, just like plants, which means they consume CO2 with the help of sunlight.