The algae picture:
because our future is green ist

Use the super power of micro algae and get your unique piece - a living algae picture for a better air, free of chemicals & pollutants.

Coole Zahl
Coole Zahl
Coole Zahl

Use no electricity & save the climate

The climate catastrophes of recent years are clearly related to human-induced emissions. Emissions from energy generation and the operation of technical facilities are particularly intense. Therefore, set an example for the appreciation of resources by using a technology that does not require external energy and instead relies on the mechanisms of nature.

Each Alwe is unique
Each Alwe is unique

Improve their ambient air

Through our skin and respiratory organs, we are constantly in direct exchange with the air that surrounds us and the suspended matter it contains. This explains why we feel so influenced by our surroundings. Air quality contributes significantly to our sense of well-being and to the productivity of our actions. Therefore, it is very valuable to fully exploit this potential and create the best atmosphere with natural air purification.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions answered quickly

Here the frequently asked questions are answered quickly. But you have more questions? No problem, just give us a call!

Microalgae are unicellular microorganisms that belong to the class of phototrophic organisms, i.e. they carry out photosynthesis. This means that microalgae, just like plants, use light to bind carbon dioxide and release oxygen.

Alwe - The algae image uses specially selected microalgae, which are found in nature especially under stones. As a result, these organisms are adapted to be active even under very difficult light conditions - such as those we find in our interiors - and to carry out effective photosynthesis, among other things. For this purpose they have developed extraordinary photosystems, which are clearly different from those of plants.

Microalgae have a more flexible metabolism than plants, for example, and can therefore break down a large number of pollutants.

The current dimensions of Alwe50 are 50x50x5cm. The weight is 1.2 kg when empty and about 1.5 kg when filled.

In biologically correct terms, the algae are blue-green algae, i.e. cyanobacteria. These are adapted to low light and have special pigments that enable photosynthesis even at the lowest light levels. This makes microalgae biofilms more efficient than plants and also air improvers in places where plants die mercilessly. 

In investigations with the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing and the Technical University of Berlin, we have also discovered that microalgae biofilms can effectively bind air pollutants that are hazardous to health, such as nitrogen oxides and fine dust.

Initial tests at the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing also point to the reduction of volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) escaping from paints and building materials. Microalgae have a more flexible metabolism than plants, for example, and can therefore break down a large number of these pollutants.

Microalgae need light for their metabolism. Our algae picture is therefore best suited for rooms that are at least partially exposed to the sun.

However, please avoid attaching Alwe to surfaces that are often exposed to direct sunlight. If there is too much sunlight, more water will evaporate and the microalgae may start to break down their photo systems. The result is the fading of the biofilm. Should this happen, do not panic: Just leave Alwe in a shady place for some time and the biofilm will regenerate.

When designing Alwe, it was particularly important to us to keep the handling simple and manageable. That's why there is a small water tank in each Alwe, which needs to be refilled approximately every two weeks.

Yes, Alwe consists of living algae which adapt to the local light conditions. In shady areas the algae take on a deep green colour, as the micro-algae accumulate more pigments to absorb light more effectively. In semi-shade areas, the micro-algae need less pigments for successful photosynthesis and thus get a rather juicy and natural green colour.

In direct sunlight there is an overflow of energy in the algae. Under certain circumstances, this may cause the algae to actively break down their photo systems. The result is a colour change to light green or yellowish.

Algae films have not yet been researched in the long term, as these materials are completely new. However, we have not been able to identify any time limits in our previous R&D projects. Some of our algae films are already 4 years old and still healthy and productive, which is even more important. As algae films are living materials, no general statement can be made about their lifetime, as this obviously depends on care and local conditions. As far as we know, however, our biofilms are very robust, making them suitable even for users with brown rather than green thumbs.

With the purchase an Alwe we guarantee a minimum service life of 6 months. If problems occur within this period, you can return your Alwe without any problems and have it replaced by us.

Even after this period of 6 months you can of course always have your Alwe checked by us or you can try out one of our new biofilms. Please feel free to contact our service team.

In interiors, lighting in particular differs from natural light. Even with perceived bright interior lighting, the photosynthetically activating radiation is very low. This is because normal indoor lighting lacks the red and violet components of natural light that most plants need for photosynthesis. The microalgae biofilms we use, on the contrary, have special pigments that enable them to use light outside the red and violet spectrum for photosynthesis.

In addition, microalgae do not have roots or a stem and are therefore metabolically more effective compared to plants. 

Our carefully cultivated microalgae belong to the so-called safety level 1, which describes organisms that are unlikely to have a negative effect on health. This means that they are not dangerous to animals, humans, plants or water and can be used without restrictions. Organisms from the food industry such as cultures of yoghurt or baker's yeast also belong to this safety class.

Our biofilms are produced under sterile conditions. Only when the biofilms have formed their characteristic protective skin layer are they released by us for usage in the algae image "Alwe".

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Alwe can be hung on the wall - like a normal picture. The algae picture is an air purifier that can be used in any interior. Here Alwe uses natural algae to remove pollutants from the air and release oxygen.
Alwe auspacken
Alwe Bewässerung

Fill with water

The suitably designed frame of the algae image promotes air circulation and provides optimal watering through a water tank at the back. The tank should be refilled with water every 2-3 weeks. A suitable bottle is included in the delivery, an access to the tank is integrated in the frame.

Hang up

Das Algae picture entfernt schädliche Luftschadstoffe aus ihren Innenräumen. Algen brauchen keinen speziellen Untergrund – keine Erde. Sie nehmen alle Stoffe aus der Umgebung auf und entfernen neben CO2 auch Stickoxide, Feinstaub und andere Gase. Damit ist das Algae picture Pflanzen und Moosen überlegen.

Die Reinigungsleistung für ein Algae picture ist auf einen Raum von bis zu 25 m² ausgelegt. Es fallen keine Stromkosten an.

Alwe an der Wand
Alwe das Algenbild. Biologischer Luftreiniger

Framework concept

  1. Water tank on the back 
  2. Water tank opening 
  3. Upper ventilation 
  4. Side ventilation 
  5. biofilm 
  6. Windscreen 
Schlechte Luft Feinstaub

healthier air

The heart of Alwe consists of a living microalgae biofilm. This filters air pollutants from the passing air and breaks them down. 
One Alwe can bind 30-50% of the air pollutants of a 25m² room. 

Alwe50 - Das Algenbild


With their special pigments, algae can use even very weak light to produce oxygen. This makes them perfect companions for our interiors.

Wie verbessern wir die Luft?


A tank on the back of the picture holds 500 mL of water. With this, an Alwe can manage up to 3 weeks without further water refilling. 

wood detail
Jede Alwe ist ein Unikat

Purchase Alwe

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  • Unique
  • 1x biofertilizer
  • 1x filling bottle
  • Clean air
  • 6 months warranty

This is what they get

Nach der Bestellung im Webshop wird das Algae picture bequem zu ihnen nach Hause geliefert. Dazu bekommen Sie eine einfache Anleitung, eine passende Wasserflasche und einen Dünger.

Alwe Verpackung
Alwe Garantie

6 months warranty

Bei Auswahl der Garantie, sind die ersten 6 Monate Ihres Algenbildes komplett abgesichert.

If you have any questions about your order, please feel free to use the contact form, write an email or simply call during the week.

Easy exchange

Algen unterliegen einem natürlichen Lebenszyklus. Die ersten 6 Monate können sie ihr Algenbild versichern. Sollen die grünen Luftreiniger danach ausgetauscht werden, können sie ihr Algae picture bequem in der originalen Verpackung bei Solaga einschicken und bekommen ein Algae picture mit frischen Luftreinigern zurück. Für jeden Austausch erheben wir außerhalb der Garantie eine Gebühr von 59€

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Schauen sie sich die Zukunft an

urbaner Algenfilter

In development

Urban air purification

Algae, unlike plants, do not need a specific substrate - no "soil". In the urban algae filter, algae arranged in multiple stages remove pollutants from roads and industrial plants.

In development

Green facades

The research is focused on the development of new facade elements and builds on the vertical use of algae. At the end of the project, the first facade elements for houses and cities that are greened with algae will be manufactured.

Algencontainer solare Biogaspoduktion

In development

Green energy

Algae not only absorb pollutants, but also produce valuable materials in the process. Solaga deals with the entry into a circular economy and researches the production and use for the bioeconomy and green energy sources: hydrogen and biogas.