Nachhaltigkeit: Der Urbane Algenfilter

Solaga develops an algaefilter, which reduces air pollution in urban areas in a natural way.

urbaner Algenfilter


The Urban Algeafilter

– Multistage algae biofilms clean the air on the street like a green lung

– Sustainable air purificationthat conserves resources, and CO2 absorbsinstead of producing some

Absorption of nitrogen oxides and NO2 and reduction below the limit values

– Low maintenance solution, which resources have to be serviced only every 3-5 months

– Self-sufficient supply with water and energy


Solaga - Green design for better air

Solaga researches sustainable innovations from algae. The Alwe50 algae picture for green walls is air purifier and green design for your office.

Implementation period: 2020-2022

About us: Solaga is a young company based in Adlershof, which has discovered and used a revolutionary living material for many applications: Algae-Biofilms.As sustainable systems, they will facilitate our transition to a bio-economy. If you are interested: Contact Us here.

This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

With our algae picture we offer a completely new concept to animate offices and living spaces. With the innovative microalgae film technology, rooms and especially walls can be used sustainably.