Alwe-Dry is a unique 50x50 cm wall decoration made from preserved microalgae.


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Alwe-Dry consists of 100% natural microalgae, which grow on the canvas and are then preserved. 


Each image is created by the individual growth process of the algae. Thus, each image is a work of art created by nature itself. 

Color change

Microalgae, when dry, have the property of turning their natural green coloration into a bright blue. 

Alwe Dry
What is that?

Alwe Dry - What is it?

The unique look of the Alwe-Dry attracts attention and creates fascination.

Alwe-Dry refers to a dried and preserved biofilm made from microalgae. The individual algae grow together to form a uniform layer under controlled conditions. Within this structure, nutrient exchange can also take place between individual algae. In addition, a protective layer is formed to protect the algae from external environmental influences.

The biofilm that has grown after several weeks is then dried and preserved using a special process. This process gives the biofilm its structure and color.

In addition to forming a protective layer, the microalgae used have the ability to change their color from a green shade to a blue shade after drying. Alwe-Dry is therefore undergoing slow but constant change. The beginning and speed of this process depends on the location of the Alwe-Dry.

The biofilm is placed in a frame so that you can hang or set up the algae on the wall without much effort. You can also combine several pictures to form an algae wall.


Individual customizations

Please feel free to contact us for individual size or logo light integration requests.

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