Ecodesign, sustainable design, green design - innovation, design and environmental protection

Ecodesign, i.e. ecologically sustainable design, attempts to develop design elements in such a way that the environment, together with its resources and living beings on earth, is protected. The aim is thus to ensure that future generations continue to enjoy an intact living space. Such a sustainability-oriented design is also called Sustainable Design, Ecodesign or Green Design. In most cases, biological materials from nature are used, such as algae or moss.

Solving the problems of our time

Sustainable design combines environmental protection with creative concepts. Designers create innovative approaches for new types of products, paying particular attention to sustainable problem solutions in the process, in addition to an attractive appearance. Besides pure art, ecodesign planning is consequently about solving central problems of our time.

Special focus: production

Ecodesign is a holistic concept. In addition to the product itself, it focuses particularly on the manufacturing process. Ideally, producers and customers meet common interests in social, ecological and economic issues. Optimising production should be equally beneficial for both parties and, of course, also for the environment. In this case, environment does not only mean the landscape, soil or groundwater, but also people, animals and nature in general. It is important that the product has as little negative impact as possible on third parties.

Increasing demand

Sustainable design elements are demanded more and more, according to the current spirit of the time. Public awareness of environment and resources is increasing, especially among the younger generations. In addition, the global responsibility for the preservation of our planet is becoming increasingly important. Functional, sustainable furnishing solutions can contribute to the implementation of this idea for each individual. For young companies it is particularly appealing to combine such progressive solutions with harmonious design. In this way they can attract the public attention they deserve due to their importance on the way towards a sustainably better future.