Solaga at „Berlin spart Energie“

We had the opportunity to presented our ideas during the „Berlin Spart Energie“ action week. It is an important event that helps the citizens of the capital to save energy and protect the climate.

In this question of energy transition, our company Solaga is well integrated with a vision of producing clean energy in urban areas.

This campaign is part of the „Berliner ImpulsE programme“ of the Senate Administration for Environment, Transport and Climate Protection, which makes it a high-level unit.

We are very honored to have participated in „Berlin Spart Energie“ and to represent our know-how for daily energy saving opportunities and thanking people for their positive feedback and comments.




TBB – Messe von InnoEnergy

Wir haben erfolgreich an der TBB (The Business Booster) von InnoEnergy in Kopenhagen teilgenommen. Bei der Messe konnten wir Geschäftskontakte zu möglichen weiteren Alwe-Käufern aber auch Kooperationspartnern knüpfen.



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